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She is the Absolute smartest dog I've ever seen and has a wonderful nature about her. Also, whereever we go she is the main topic of conversation. Everyone wants to know about her and where we got her. They love the color, the soft coat and the fact that she does not shed. We took her to a local Church a couple weeks back as they were having their annual Pet Blessing. A local news crew was there and she ending up on the local nightly news getting her blessing. Thanks for the Great addition to our family. We could not be happier with our puppy. " "We absolutely love and adore him!Otis has a lot of energy, all the time. He loves being outdoors and has a very adventurous spirit. He has trained pretty well sit, paw, lay came very easily.

Our daughter is 5 and we have twin boys who turned two in January.

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He could get bored if left alone too long.

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